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WWE SmackDown star is about to get a character makeover



The heel turn for Dominik Mysterio appears to be coming very soon and it looks like WWE is teasing that he will be aligning with another heel on the SmackDown brand.

During a backstage interview conducted after last Friday's SmackDown, Zayn pointed out how he has beaten Dominik three times in a row but he has noticed how Dominik has improved and came close to winning the third match. Zayn said, "this past time, I'll admit he was a few seconds away from putting me away."

Zayn then followed up by saying that the "common denominator" in each of Dominik's losses is Rey Mysterio finding his way to ringside and costing his son the match.

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Ever since Dominik debuted in WWE, there has been talk of having him turn on his father at some point, and over the past year, there have been conversations about how to repackage Dominik when he finally turns heel.

Dominik told Chris Van Vliet last year that there is still talk in WWE about him wearing a mask and then becoming Prince Mysterio (Rey filed for the trademark to that name a few years ago). has heard that Vince McMahon has been receptive to the idea of putting a mask on Dominik and having him declare himself to be the superior member of the Mysterio family as part of the heel turn.

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