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WWE SmackDown storyline has been dropped

Another WWE storyline has been dropped without an explanation.

Last week when Seth Rollins returned to SmackDown, Murphy was one of the wrestlers around the ringside area and there was no mention of his past issues from just a couple of months ago with Rollins. Dominik and Rey Mysterio were also at ringside for the segment.

Dave Meltzer noted in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the Murphy/Aalyah Mysterio angle was simply dropped. He said that there is no backstory or behind-the-scenes reason and it simply looks like they had no idea what to do next and they simply dropped the story.

As we noted here on, Aalyah was given a lot of TV time because the feeling was that she had star potential. was told by a WWE source that the door is open for her to return, possibly in a new storyline at some point. At one point, there was talk of doing a wedding on SmackDown with Murphy and/or Aalyah turning heel.

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