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WWE SmackDown will look different when it moves to FOX

WWE FOX Vince McMahon

For months, there have been rumblings about what changes are coming in October when SmackDown Live moves to FOX.

It's widely believed that there will be a new logo and new music and a reboot but it also looks like they will be trying out new camera angles.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that FOX has been testing out two new cameras that they want to use for the 10/4 SmackDown debut.

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Another thing they want to do is to make the show have a big-time feel with celebrities in attendance. That is why the first show will be at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The idea is to kick off the FOX era of SmackDown with a big bang with the show having a big boxing event with the event feeling like it's where the real stars want to be. This would make WWE come across as major league as possible. AEW will be debuting on TNT during the same week so it's no coincidence that WWE and FOX are working together to try to separate themselves and make AEW come across ad the minor league company.

It will be interesting to see what else is in store for the show now that Eric Bischoff will be in charge of the brand and reporting to Vince McMahon.

For those of you interested, click here to see the new logo that has been shown during FOX commercial breaks.