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WWE source confirms report on hundreds of fans leaving during Alexa Bliss-Charlotte Flair segment on Raw

Charlotte Flair Alexa Bliss WWE Raw

It was noted this morning on Wrestling Observer Radio by Dave Meltzer that 1500 left the arena during the Alexa Bliss segment with Charlotte Flair. The report caused a stir online and Alexa Bliss made it clear that she was not happy about what Meltzer said.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said that someone in WWE who was in the building sent him a text to confirm that hundreds of people left during the segment but the source disputed the number that Meltzer reported and added that the number was closer to 700.

Alvarez said, "Dave last night on the Observer Radio show said that during that interview segment, 1500 people walked out. Well if you've gone to social media today, which admittedly I have not but I can tell you this. Alexa was upset about this report and here's what I can tell you, okay? Forget a fan or Dave or just some random bloke in the building. Last night during the show, shortly after the Alexa Bliss-Charlotte segment, somebody in WWE [and] in the building - not some random fan. This is someone who works for the company and was in the building. They texted all of us actually and they said that 700 people had walked out, 700."

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Alvarez continued, "So then last night on Observer Radio, Dave said 1500. Well, today, that same person questioned the 1500 but reiterated and this is a quote that they 'would stand by the number of 700.' So now we are splitting hairs or whatever. This is from someone there that was in the building, not watching at home [but] in the building. It is abundantly clear that hundreds of people walked out. Was it 700, was it 900, was it 564, was it 1500? Bro, I don't know, I wasn't there okay? I know that she's mad. I'd probably be mad too if I did some segment and people walked out but it appears to be a factual statement that a number of people walked out during that segment. I don't know what the real number was, I wasn't there but there were people that walked out during that segment. Is it the end of the world? No. You know what else I heard from that person? That they sold a lot of merch which would probably mean dolls and shirts and whatever. Alexa is gonna get her merch paycheck and hopefully, that will make her feel better but there's good and bad with this story. That's what I can tell you about what happened last night during that segment."

Here is Bliss' tweet about Meltzer's initial report:

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