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WWE source disputes claim about AEW talent being told to hold off on leaving until 2024

A source has reached out to WrestleVotes to dispute the report today about talent in AEW being told to hold off until 2024 before making the jump to WWE.

The note in the Observer was part of a larger story on upcoming TV negotiations for AEW and what that might mean for their budget.

In the Observer, Dave Meltzer wrote: “Previously, there were talents that were interested in coming from AEW to WWE that were making main roster salaries that were told by friends in AEW to stay put until 2024 when the company would be able to budget far more for talent. Even if AEW gets $90 million per year, it should be very profitable going forward and able to bid for a lot of talent whose deals are up and as important, retain its own top talent because WWE would bid for some of them.”

WreslteVotes then tweeted:

Asked a source about report circulating regarding AEW stars being advised to wait for 2024 if they are thinking of making the jump to WWE…

Source said that’s ‘absurd’ & ‘if WWE is interested in a talent that is available, regardless of promotion, WWE will do business as usual’

WrestleVotes typically reports things from sources within WWE and Meltzer’s report states that talent was told by “friends in AEW” so while WWE’s side may say otherwise, that does not debunk what was originally reported.

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