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WWE star appears to be done with the company



Long-time WWE Superstar Alicia Fox appears to be done with the company. WWE has moved her Superstar Profile to the Alumni section of Whenever that happens, it usually indicates that a Superstars' contract has expired or they have been released.

Neither Fox of WWE have commented on her status but there was concern about her status in the company after news broke earlier this year about personal issues that forced WWE to take her off the road.

She was pulled from live events in February but returned for a match against Becky Lynch on Monday Night Raw in April and for a tag team match on WWE Main Event in that same month.

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Fox's last WWE TV appearance was at Raw Reunion in July where she was shown as part of the Legends that were brought back for the show. Around that time is when speculation ramped up that she may have been done with the company. Fox was also part of SummerSlam weekend events in Toronto.

Fox was not on the list of Superstars eligible to be drafted last week and, at this point, it appears she is done with the company.

Fox is a former WWE Divas Champion and known to be one of the most outgoing people backstage where she was loved by most, if not all, of her co-workers.

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