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WWE star appears to have been released, says Vince McMahon can't hold him down anymore



It looks like ACH, the man formerly known as Jordan Myles, has received his release from WWE.

ACH posted a photo of himself signing some paperwork and if you zoom in on what he is signing, it looks like his hat is covering what appears to be the WWE logo on the top right of the paperwork.

Myles followed up with a tweet that read: "Hey @VinceMcMahon Can’t hold me down no more. This is FOR THE WRESTLING CULTURE."

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Another thing that strongly points towards his exit from WWE is the fact that he is already booked for an independent show. Heavy Metal Wrestling in San Antonio, TX is advertising him for a show on 11/22.

For anyone who hasn't been following the story, ACH took offense to a t-shirt that depicted blackface. WWE immediately took it down and people in the company were adamant that the shirt design was not meant to be racist and it was pulled immediately and no shirts were sold.

Myles has been ripping the company on Twitter for the last couple of weeks and the feeling was that it was a matter of time before he would be out, since he wanted to be let go and the situation was toxic on both sides that it would have been difficult for WWE to keep him on board.