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WWE star asks fans not to give up on him and his tag team partner

A few months ago, it seemed like WWE was giving The Revival a chance to shine when they were booked to defeat Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley on consecutive weeks on Monday Night Raw.

Now, it seems like they’ve disappeared from WWE TV. However, Scott Dawson is asking fans not to give up on The Revival.

On this week’s episode of WWE Main Event, The Revival will take on The Revival in a match that Dawson says will show what tag team wrestling is all about.

Here is what Dawson said:

“This week on Main Event, it’s Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs Dash & myself. (As long as it’s not heavily edited) It’s a great match that exemplifies what tag team wrestling is all about. Don’t give up on us yet. There’s a reason we’re called ‘The Revival’.”

New episodes of WWE Main Event premiere every Wednesday on Hulu Plus. If you have only seen The Revival’s work on the main roster then you should really check out their excellent matches from the NXT Takeover specials.

Hopefully, WWE will figure out a way to integrate The Revival back on Monday Night Raw. The roster is crowded and wrestlers will disappear from WWE for weeks at a time but The Revival team is too talented to be kept off TV for so long.

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