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WWE star Braun Strowman in hot water after criticizing wrestlers affected financially by coronavirus

The entire world has changed due to the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and many are wondering when their next paycheck is coming so they can pay their bills. Professional wrestling has come to a halt and perhaps, the people in the wrestling business that are most affected are the independent wrestlers that rely on weekly bookings.

Jon Moxley has quietly donated money to help out struggling promotions and other wrestlers and Chris Jericho was vocal this week on social media to help WrestleCon get their deposit back from the venue that was supposed to host their convention during WrestleMania weekend.

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AEW star Evil Uno took to Instagram to encourage fans to support independent wrestlers and Braun Strowman seemed to take issue with Uno.

Strowman wrote on Instagram:

“Here we go with more of the somebody pay for my bills stuff. If you can’t afford to pay your bills maybe you should change professions. That’s why I quit strongman. I loved it, but I couldn’t afford to live so instead of making a go fund me or a Patreon wanting someone else to take care of me I went out and worked harder than I ever have in my life to get to where I am. What happened to being accountable for your own actions????!!!”

Strowman had more to say in the comments:

“and for anyone that goes that’s easy for you to say you’re a wwe superstar just and FYI 7 years ago I moved to fl with everything I owned in a Kia Seoul with 150$ to my name when I started this!!!!!”

Strowman’s comments were not received well by his followers. Here is just a tiny sample of some of the response he has gotten on Twitter:

This is not the first time he’s taken shots at non-WWE talent. He has had plenty to say about wrestlers like Lance Archer and Luchasaurus and oftentimes unprovoked by the wrestlers themselves.

Braun apparently has not been handling it well as some who have responded to him say they have been blocked. The person below says he’s been reported and temporarily banned from posting.

The lack of empathy and timing especially during the outbreak is not a good look for Strowman so hopefully, he thinks twice before his next social media posts that criticize others.

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