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WWE star Dana Brooke comments on Dave Bautista, is their romance real or fake?

Dana Brooke was a guest on the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump. Among other things, he talked about her Twitter romance with former WWE Champion Dave Bautista.

These days, you never quite know what is real or not on social media and while most fans have been enjoying their interaction, it seems that some are not sure if everything they are reading is real. A few fans believe this is some sort of WWE storyline. Brooke says everything is real and they have a date set.

“Yes there is,” she said when she was asked if there is a date set with Bautista. Brooke said that everything started on an episode of WWE Ride Along when she talked about being denied by guys who she wanted to go out with. Then a fan who saw that episode became a matchmaker on Twitter.

It was suggested that cameras should follow her and Bautista around and she was down for that. She also said that she and Bautista related on different levels and they understand each other’s hectic schedules. She also talked about his movies and said “maybe you’ll see me at his next movie premiere, you never know.”

She talked about how this has been all out in the open, which is different from most relationships. Brooke noted that she’s been using her own version of the Bautista Bomb on shows.

As you can see in the clip below, the folks at WWE Backstage put some audio to some the Twitter exchanges between Brooke and Bautista. Scroll down to watch the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump that includes Dana Brooke talking about Dave Bautista.


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