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Vince McMahon has been officially gone from WWE for less than a month and there are already several noticeable changes with the product with many more changes on the way.

One of the things that Triple H seems to be moving away from is changing wrestler names because it's their real name or a name that was used on the independent scene.

In recent years, several wrestlers have had their names shortened because Vince McMahon did not like the last name, or in other instances, he just felt that it was better for a certain wrestler to have one name because it sounded better to him.

Some of the names that have had their names shortened within the last calendar year include Theory (formerly Austin Theory), Ciampa (formerly Tommaso Ciampa), Angel Garza (he recently got his last name back), and his tag team partner Humberto Carrillo.

Humberto is still going by his first name but, as reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the belief is that he will get his last name back soon. Angel Garza recently announced on Twitter that he has gotten his last name back.

"Some of the weird name quirks may be changing," Meltzer said in the Observer. He added, "The belief is Humberto will get Carrillo back as well."

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Expect to hear more name changes in the coming weeks. There's speculation that Ciampa may get his first name back as he is now being positioned to get a bigger push. Also, there's another WWE star that Triple H has spoken to about a name change. Click here for more on that story.