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WWE star expected to leave the company when contract expires



There is news expected to come out soon on a WWE star who will be leaving the company when their current contract expires.

WrestleVotes tweeted the following: "I can’t reveal the name as that’s just not smart business, but I can very confidently say that a certain WWE talent has decided to not resign with the company once their current deal expires."

We'll pass along more news on this if the name gets out but there are a few names that can be ruled out. AJ Styles signed a contract last year and he has several more years left on his current deal so it's not him. Others who have several years left on their deals include Braun Strowman, Edge, Randy Orton and Sasha Banks. Rey Mysterio recently signed a new deal so he is not going anywhere.

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It's no secret that there are several wrestlers that are unhappy and they could be main eventers if they wrestled elsewhere so time will tell. It is notable that this person has chosen not to sign a new deal because this means that they must know that there would be interest elsewhere, perhaps in All Elite Wrestling or New Japan Pro Wrestling.