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WWE star expresses frustration with his status in the company



Due to the crowded roster, several WWE Superstars have been sitting on the sidelines with nothing to do. Several wrestlers have privately expressed concern about their future but very few have said anything publicly. Tye Dillinger is one of the WWE stars left out in the cold and there aren't any signs that he will be getting a push anytime soon. Dillinger has only wrestled 9 matches in the last 2 months.

On Thursday, Dillinger posted of a photo of himself from the September 25th episode of Smackdown Live where he had a match with Shinsuke Nakamura and included the following caption: "#TBT To that time I used to wrestle."

The Young Bucks' Matt Jackson saw the tweet and responded by saying, "Money ain't everything."

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Dillinger responded by simply saying, "Word" apparently in agreement with Jackson. That tweet has been deleted but the original tweet is up and there is another one still up where he acknowledges a fan who said that he could be fired.

There's another tweet up where he responds to a fan tweet that read: "future endeavored."

Dillinger is not the only wrestler who is frustrated. There are other wrestlers in the company worried about their future. Everyone knows that more NXT wrestlers will be called up and there will be less TV time for some of the undercard wrestlers. Some wrestlers have been privately looking at their options away from WWE.

Scroll down to see the "word" tweet that was deleted.

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