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Another WWE star is getting a name change but this time he will be allowed to use the name he used when he wrestled for Ring Of Honor and the independents. reported today that T-Bar is now listed internally as "Donovan Dijak." It's no secret that Dijak is ditching the T-Bar gimmick and last week on the live Halloween Havoc broadcast, they showed a video of the T-Bar mask being burned to signify that the character is dead. The T-Bar character was created for the Retribution stable that Vince McMahon created during the pandemic days of Monday Night Raw.  The stable fizzled within a few weeks and T-Bar has floundered on the main roster since then but it looks like he will be getting a renewed push on NXT.

Triple H is said to be high on Dijak. There have been rumblings of a character change for him ever since Vince McMahon stepped away as CEO of the company. In August, Dijak impressed officials with a great dark match at Madison Square Garden and despite being pushed as a lower card guy, he was able to win the crowd over..

There is time and effort being put into whatever they are doing to do with Dijak and Shawn Michaels recently stated on a media call that NXT writer Johnny Russo is the person who came up with the mask burning idea.

There is no word yet on when Dijak will make his re-debut on NXT TV. 

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