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WWE star gets a name change; news on Austin, Naomi, and more

Antonio Cesaro will be known simply as Cesaro as of tonight's Smackdown tapings.

The company still has not decided yet on what to do for the cliffhanger on the 2/24 Raw. One of the ideas discussed is to build up to a match and have the match start a few minutes after the launch of WWE Network. The idea is to give fans a few minutes to complete their orders so the match would start around 11:15pm. If they opt not to do a match then I could also see them holding off Hulk Hogan's return for the network instead of Raw. It's all up in the air though and the decision may not come until a few days before 2/24.

Yesterday prior to Raw John Cena granted his 400th Make A Wish to a 9 year old named Mark. He has granted more wishes than any athlete or celebrity.

Naomi may be out for a couple of months due to the orbital bone injury she suffered on last week's Raw. She was scheduled to wrestle for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania. Bryan Alvarez reported that she was scheduled to win the title. Judging by last night's Raw it looks like that slot has gone to Cameron.

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Yesterday was the 11 year anniversary of the death of Mr Perfect Curt Hennig. His son Curtis Axel tweeted the following about his father:

"February 10th. This day sucks! It's been 11 yrs and you are missed more than ever! Love you & miss you dad! #TrulyBetterThanPerfect"

"It's all good! I've spit in the face of tragedy! I've overcome! LOOK AT ME NOW!!!!! #HeLivesThruMe"

"Thanks to everyone and their comments today! And thanks for the slaps in the face by some...."

As we noted yesterday, Steve Austin was at Raw last night. He was there visiting friends and also recorded a podcast with Zeb Colter.

The latest Steve Austin podcast is up. This week's guest is Dave Millican. Dave makes many of the wrestling belts. You can listen to the show below.