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WWE star has backstage heat, gets kicked off talent bus by Roman Reigns

It’s pretty clear that Roman Reigns is considered to be the new locker room leader after a recent incident on the talent bus where he took charge of a situation that had several people upset.

According to a report in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, Enzo Amore has a lot of heat on him. The details of what happened are not out but, several weeks ago, there was an incident that got so many people upset that it led to Reigns kicking him off the talent bus. He was also given the “Miz treatment” for a while. Basically, that means that he was not allowed to dress with everyone else in the locker room.

Apparently, the tears shed during his promo last week before Cass turned on him again were real because he was said to be legitimately not happy about the team being broken up. Also, the part of the promo where he talked about his real life is better than his family life could be seen as something as a shoot because he is now living in Los Angeles and having a great time in his non-wrestling life. Judging by his Instagram page, he seems to be having the time of his life in L.A. and meeting with athletes and celebrities like Daniel Cormier, Nick Diaz, Halle Berry, Drake and others in recent weeks. I guess this news about him having heat could explain why he was squashed at Great Balls Of Fire and why he was absent from Raw.

I wonder what his shelf life will be now as a singles wrestler. The company clearly does not see him as being more than an undercard guy and they’ve been treating him as a joke in recent months. Perhaps, if he’s lucky, he can end up as a manager but WWE is not big on having too many managers on the roster.

There’s another WWE star that has heat. It turns out that Big Cass also has heat backstage. Click here to read more on that story.

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