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WWE star has reportedly asked for his release

Mas Lucha is reporting that WWE Superstar Gran Metalik has asked for his release.

The story says that he wants to be released because of the lack of opportunities being afforded to him. Mas Lucha says the story was confirmed by sources close to Metalik.

The 33-year old from Guadalajara, Mexico previously wrestled as Mascara Dorada in CMLL. He also wrestled for New Japan Pro Wrestling before signing with WWE in 2016 as part of the cruiserweight division.

In 2018, he was added to the Lucha House Party stable but the company has never been fully behind him and he has been mostly used to put over other talent.

There’s no word on if WWE plans on granting him his release. The company has been in cost-cutting mode this year, despite raking in record profits and they have been looking to bring in new talent that has been primarily trained at the Performance Center. Metalik’s current contract runs until 2023.

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