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As previously noted over the weekend, it looks like Max Dupri may be getting a gimmick change and he may be going back to the name he used in NXT.

This morning, Dupri tweeted out the video from his post-SmackDown meeting with the Maximum Male Models. They are doing a losing streak gimmick and you can see at the end of the video below that Max Dupri seems to tease becoming LA Knight again. It is also clear that Mansoor, Mace, and Maxxine Dupri are frustrated with the losses in recent weeks.

What this means is unclear. It's possible that Maxxine Dupri (who herself has teased joining Los Lotharios) could lead the group while Max splits away from the group. This could also mean that Mace and Mansoor will be dropping their model gimmick. 

Back in July, it was reported that Dupri was not fully on board with the gimmick and there was talk that Maxxine Dupri was brought in as his replacement. That all happened shortly before Vince McMahon stepped down and at the time, there was speculation on Max's future with the company.

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Things have changed since Triple H and Stephanie McMahon took over and now it looks like we could see LA Knight again.