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It looks like we will be seeing a different Alexa Bliss in the near future.

Tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw, Bayley ripped on Bliss for being a shell of herself. Bayley beat Bliss during the main event and during the match, the announcers kept pointing out that Bliss was not putting everything she had into the match. The idea was to get across to fans at home that she's lost a step.

Since she dropped the supernatural aspects of her gimmick earlier this year, Bliss has been floundering on Raw and they are using that as part of her storyline. Also during the main event, the lights went out briefly during the main event. Some are taking that to mean that Bray Wyatt is indeed returning and aligning himself again with Bliss.

Earlier in the show, a QR was shown during a backstage segment with Austin Theory. The code leads fans to a video (see it by clicking here). Also, there was another White Rabbit tease during a Raw commercial break, which just happened to occur just after the Bliss/Bayley talking segment earlier in the show.

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Some believe these teases to be related to Karrion Kross but the general feeling on social media seems to be leaning towards Wyatt.

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