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WWE star is getting a character makeover and new look

Following this week’s WWE SmackDown Live, there was speculation about Liv Morgan getting some sort of character makeover.

The speculation came after Morgan’s post-match promo after she lost to Charlotte Flair and some posts on her social media accounts. One post seems to hint at a darker (more serious) version of herself.

It looks like all of the speculation is accurate because it was confirmed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the promo time, the loss to Charlotte Flair and her promo after the loss is leading to a new character and a new look.

For those of you that missed it, Morgan went to the announcer’s table and grabbed the headset and talked about the need to be real.

We’ll see what this means for her but Meltzer compared her to UFC’s Paige VanZant, someone who is considered a mediocre fighter but has become a major drawing card because of her look and charisma.

Morgan, real name Gionna Daddio, was signed by the company in 2014. She made her debut on the main roster as part of The Riott Squad with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. It seems like they haven’t fully gotten behind her but it’s looking like there are bigger plans for her whenever she returns to TV.

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