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WWE star is getting a new gimmick on the main roster



In WWE things always can change and wrestlers have to work with whatever is given to them.

However, sometimes change is good and that could be the case for Lio Rush. On this week's 205 Live, a vignette aired for him and he is now being pushed as a rich playboy that thinks he is better than everyone. If you didn't see it, his character seems to be an updated version of the Million Dollar Man. The gimmick seems to be a takeoff on how he portrayed himself in his latest music video (click here if you want to see it).

At the NXT live events, Rush was accompanied to the ring by a big bodyguard named Babatunde Aiyegbusi. The bodyguard was nowhere to be seen this week during the vignette so it looks like Rush will be going solo when he makes is in-ring debut on 205 Live.

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There had been talk months ago that Rush would be moved to that brand but plans were delayed and the decision was made for Buddy Murphy to move up instead.

When you consider that Rush was on the verge of being released several months ago because of his social media jab at Emma, this is not a bad thing for him and he is very talented so he has a good chance at getting over as a cocky heel.