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WWE star is leaving the company after today's Raw TV tapings



It looks like WWE was not able to come to terms with Kairi Sane on a new contract. PWInsider is reporting that today's WWE TV taping is her final date with the company.

Dave Meltzer reported weeks ago that Sane wanted to go back to Japan so she could be with her husband. There is no heat on her and she remains on good terms with the company and she is still considered to be part of WWE's extended family.

WWE has known since May that Sane wanted to go back to Japan. At one point, there was an angle planned to write her off television but then she was legitimately injured during a match with Nia Jax.

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It's still possible that the angle to write her off TV could happen at tonight's Raw or next week's show. Both shows are being taped today and tomorrow.

Meltzer noted that the original plan was to have either Shayna Baszler or Charlotte Flair take out Sane to write her off TV. Since Flair is out of action, that would take her out of the running for that angle. Baszler is back on TV and it looks like she may finally get a push on Raw so she could be the person to take Sane out of storylines.

There has been talk that Sane could wrestle one more year in Japan and then retire.