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WWE star is now considered a babyface after last week’s Monday Night Raw

A WWE star has turned face but some fans may not have realized it.

Last week on WWE Raw, Natalya split away from Lana and then Lana was put through a table again by Nia Jax. Later in the show, Lana won a dual-branded battle royal to earn a shot at Asuka’s Raw Women’s Championship this Monday.

Dave Meltzer reported this week in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the belief in the company is that last Monday’s show turned Lana babyface because she was put through a table in four consecutive weeks and still persevered and won the battle royal at the end of last week’s show.

Meltzer also noted that someone in the company used the term “massive babyface” to describe Lana’s turn. We’ll see if they actually follow through on this or if this ends up being a deal where they push her for a few weeks and then give up like they have many times before.

There was a belief among many fans that Lana was being buried by the company because of her husband’s Miro’s comments about WWE during his debut on AEW Dynamite but that does not appear to be the case. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone because it’s no secret that there have been plans to push Lana as a megastar at different times over the years because Vince McMahon saw a lot of potential in her.

If you missed it, you can click below to see highlights from last week’s dual-branded battle royal.

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