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WWE star lost a tooth at live event, Toni Storm may have signed a contract

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WWE star lost a tooth at live event, Toni Storm may have signed a contract

We got a report from a fan in attendance at the show in Oberhausen and apparently, Charlotte Flair had one of her teeth knocked out during her match. Flair had dental work done a few weeks ago but those issues date back to hear cheerleading days when she sustained a jaw injury. She also broke her jaw several months ago.

It’s been a rough week for Flair. Earlier this week it was reported that she’s been wrestling with a ruptured breast implant. It actually happened before WrestleMania but she wanted to keep wrestling because Mania is a big payday for the talent. She will be getting surgery soon after the current tour of the UK. She doesn’t want to wait too long because she doesn’t want to miss out on SummerSlam. Flair did a photo shoot for the ESPN: The Body issue and they shot around it.

In a follow-up from earlier, Dave Meltzer is reporting that people in the United Kingdom are under the belief that Toni Storm has signed with WWE. As we noted on Wednesday night, a video aired at the live event in the UK and she was one of the names advertised for next month’s United Kingdom tournament. WWE is getting more aggressive signing more UK talent as they prepare to launch their UK TV show and to keep them away from the ITV’s World Of Sport promotion. Nobody in WWE has confirmed anything about Storm and she will not say anything because everyone that signs with WWE is told to keep it quiet until they announce it.

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