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WWE star may have been injured at Money In The Bank PPV

Rey Mysterio might be dealing with a shoulder injury. After defeating Samoa Joe for the United States Championship, Mysterio could be seen holding his left shoulder at ringside.

When he got backstage, the trainers checked on him but there is no update yet on whether or not if it’s a serious injury.

For those of you that were wondering about the match being so short, the reason is that the referee was told to cut the match short when Joe was busted open after Mysterio landed on his nose during a senton splash.

Their feud will continue this week on SmackDown Live.

In other injury news, I noted that a stiff shot from Kalisto was the reason why Lars Sullivan was busted open. The announcers tried to cover and say that Sullivan busted himself open but, as you can see below, it was Kalisto’s elbow that caused the damage.


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