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It was first reported last week that former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Aliyah was pulled from TV because of an injury. The nature of the injury was not known at the time but Aliyah has since posted a photo that suggests that she may be dealing with an injury to her shoulder.

The photo below shows her shoulder is bruised, which usually indicates that something is torn. Again, we don't know the severity of the injury or when she might return to action but as reported last week in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the belief is that the injury is not expected to keep her out for too long and at one point she was listed internally for this week's SmackDown. However, as of today, she is not advertised for the show. 

Shotzi made her return a couple of weeks ago as a babyface seemingly to take Aliyah's spot to help Raquel Rodriguez fend off Bayley's Damage CTRL stable. However, if Aliyah is returning soon then she could be inserted into that storyline right away.

Aliyah was brought up to the SmackDown roster several months ago and she had been featured prominently on TV over the last couple of months since Triple H took over creative for Vince McMahon.

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