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WWE star Otis is now speaking with his real voice and he has changed his look again



WWE star Otis has been going through a transformation in recent weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, he showed off his clean-shaven face with his hair pulled back in a ponytail to signify that he is now a heel.

Per the WWE storyline, Otis has been transformed by his best friend Chad Gable and he is now being portrayed as a serious threat. It's a reversal from what WWE typically does because they usually have wrestlers grow out their beards for heel turns and shave their faces for babyface turns.

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Apparently, his new heel look was not complete a couple of weeks ago because on today's episode o "The Bump," Otis showed off his new hair style. As seen below, he has cut off most of his hair and the ponytail is now gone and he is now speaking regularly and in a non-comedic way.