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WWE star possibly injured in Hawaii



It looks like bad timing is going to claim another victim when it comes to unexpected injuries. Kofi Kingston and The New Day had just re-captured the SmackDown Tag Team Championships in Las Vegas during a pretty amazing Sin City Street Fight Match against The Usos. Some people called the match at "spot fest" but to us, it was pretty excellent.

Now it looks like Kofi Kingston possibly suffered an injury on the next night. If this is true, it would be another injury putting two of the three members of the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions out of action. Fans from the Honolulu, Hawaii house show reported Kofi needed to be helped to the back by medical staff after New Day's victory over Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin on Wednesday night.

This is awful timing because Xavier Woods is currently out of action with a knee issue right now. Although it looks like he'll be back soon, there might not be any choice but to vacate the SmackDown Tag Team Titles at this moment. Then again, if WWE's plan is to eventually have New Day break the all-time record for most tag title runs, then this could certainly be a logical way to have them drop the titles in order to get them back soon enough.

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Or WWE could just let Big E hold the championships all by himself for a while. The Freebird Rule is getting complicated. Let's hope for the best in this situation and we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything.

Kingston had surgery on his ankle earlier this year. You can see him slightly limping in the video below but it does not look as bad as the fan reports made it sound.

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