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Robert Roode is expected to return to the ring in the near future and could even be switching WWE brands once he’s back.

In September, the veteran wrestler indicated on Instagram that he was dealing with injuries as he posted a photo of Southlake Orthopaedics in Birmingham, Alabama, and mentioned returning home after what he hoped was a successful trip.

Roode thanked Southlake and Andrew Sports Medicine, which usually handles surgeries for injured WWE stars. He also attached a photo to the post that indicated he underwent surgery, but he did not elaborate on why he was visiting the doctors.

PWinsider reported that Roode was spotted in Birmingham on Wednesday, and WWE officials hope he will be back from his injury issues soon.

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Although he is still listed as a Raw star, there has been talk within WWE about him working on SmackDown once he returns.

There’s still no word on why Roode has been out of action. Roode was aligned with Dolph Ziggler before he went away.