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WWE star returning to the ring for the first time in over a year

For weeks, WWE has been running a storyline on SmackDown with Naomi trying to get Sonya Deville to let her wrestle.

Deville has been shutting down her requests and brushing her off because there are more important things to tend to on the show. The storyline sounds very familiar to some of the real-life frustrations that ex-WWE stars have expressed about not being used.

Last night on SmackDown, it was made clear what the goal is for Naomi’s storyline. After going on to the ring to make her demands again, Naomi was rebuffed by Deville and told to leave the ring. Naomi then said that she could get in the ring with Deville and smack the “GLOW off your face.”

The segment ended with Deville calling out security to have Naomi removed from the arena but it certainly looks like Deville is about to make her in-ring return.

The last time Deville wrestled was at SummerSlam 2020. She lost to former friend/tag team partner Mandy Rose and it was stipulated that she would leave WWE if she lost. The real reason why she was pulled from WWE is that she was about to deal with the legal case from the man who was allegedly stalking and trying to kidnap her.

Deville returned in the authority role earlier this year and it was reported back in July that she was about to make her in-ring return. Deville has been training at the Performance Center for months in anticipation of her return to the ring.

It appears that Naomi vs. Deville will be happening soon.

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