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WWE star rips Lio Rush: "you were sitting at home for bad behavior"



Lio Rush has put all of the negativity behind him now that he's one of the featured wrestlers on NXT. He's also the Cruiserweight Champion.

Rush declared on Twitter: "I'm the greatest Cruiserweight in the world right now and that’s an amazing feeling. Pound for pound. #ThatsFacts

@wwenxt @usa_network @WWE @WWEPC"

WWE Superstar Mike Kanellis didn't seem too thrilled with Rush's tweet and said the following:

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"You won 2 matches. Chill out. There’s an entire roster of Cruiserweights that we’re grinding and working their ass off for our Brand, while you were sitting at home for bad behavior. Let’s not act like you weren’t gift wrapped the cruiserweight championship."

It's possible that the tweet was meant to set up a future match but it did not go unnoticed that Kanellis brought up some of the real-life issues that kept Rush off WWE television for a few months.

Rush was off TV because of several backstage issues, including one story where he reportedly had heat because he would bring people backstage and rubbed wrestlers the wrong way with alleged attitude issues.

Kanellis' tweet can be seen below: