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WWE star rips the company for not having “time for guys who kill themselves in the ring” on 205 Live

WWE Superstar Mike Kanellis took to Twitter to call out the company for having the time to showcase Drake Maverick on Monday Night Raw while not giving more time to the “guys who kill themselves in the ring every week.”

He said this on social media so you never know for sure if he’s setting the stage for a storyline on 205 Live or if he truly feels this way. His tweets do come across as genuine. The tweets are also interesting when you consider that he and wife Maria Kanellis recently signed a 5-year deal to stay with the company.

A fan suggested that Mike was making things harder for himself by tweeting things like this and Kanellis responded by saying, “If fighting for @WWE205Live and wanting a GM who actually cares about the brand, is going to make things hard for me in the work place, then bring it on. I will never apologize for that. Complacency has never been my strong suit.”

Another fan suggested that Mike was being bitter and that he should just be happy for a wrestler (Maverick) who has been in the business for 17 years.

Mike responded, “Imagine if he made the best out of being dealt the role of @WWE205Live General Manager.”

Mike then accused Maverick of treating 205 Live like it was below him. He said, “Cool. He built his brand. He represented the @WWE205Live brand and basically treated it like it was below him.”

In a later tweet (scroll down), Kanellis talked about his decision to sign a new contract. He said, “I love my decision. I also love @WWE205Live. I’m sick of 205 stealing the show every PPV and being disrespected. And we can’t even get someone who actually cares about the brand to be GM. If that’s jealousy, then I’m super duper jealous.”

Scroll down to see more of his tweets about Maverick and 205 Live.

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