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WWE star signs a new contract with the company



Shelton Benjamin is the guest on the latest "Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia" podcast. During the interview, Benjamin revealed that he recently signed a new multi-year deal with WWE so he will be around for a long time.

You can listen to the latest episode via your favorite podcast app or click below to watch the video of the interview.

Thanks to "Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia" for the following transcript with timestamps.

5:58 Shelton speaks about his reluctance of being on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia and his frustration with WWE on a personal level

8:40 Shelton credits Lilian for WWE resigning him (12:04 If you want it, you have to go it)

17:30 John Laurinaitis gives Shelton 90 days before his first release and Shelton is both surprised and relieved which lead to a reset, greater growth and appreciation for the business he loves.

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20:05 Shelton credits ROH who he credits for additional learning and then speaks on his LOVE for Japan, a country he never aspired to be a superstar in that he then fell in love and learned from legendary in ring athletes.

25:34 NEVER BEFORE HEARD, Shelton talks about his two daughters. This is a private part of his life he has never exposed to the public

32:17 Shelton laughing – “I was born a poor black child”

27:30 Shelton speaks about his first WWE paycheck, how he blew it all, what it meant to him – 39:56 he speaks about the financial advice he received

48:36 Shelton meets BROCK LESNAR for the first time and how they became friends. They were actually in the same weight class wrestling and sparring partners. First time they wrestled; Shelton went flying across the room.

1:03:00 Shelton speaks about his relationship and friendship with Brock Lesnar and the history between them

1:07 Shelton speaks about being part of the OVW class with John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista and Brock, and his comparison and perceptive on their individual athleticism and respect. He opens up on how he feels about John Cena.


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