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Natalya confirmed on Twitter that she does indeed have a broken nose.

The break happened after her match with Shayna Baszler on SmackWown. With Ronda Rousey cheering her on, Shayna hit a brutal knee to Natalya's face and blood was seen pouring out immediately after. The camera showed Natalya with a towel trying to wipe the blood off her face.

The broken nose is obviously not something anyone wanted but it does help build Baszler back into a monster heel. Baszler has been aligned with Ronda Rousey in storylines and the idea is that Rousey is getting Baszler back to be the killer she was during her MMA days and her days in NXT. Baszler's character got watered down a few months after her main roster debut and what she is doing now is meant to make her credible again.

If you missed it, click below to check out the spot from SmackDown that caused Natalya's broken nose.

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