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WWE star takes a shot at Neville and Enzo Amore



It's hard to believe that it's been almost 2 years since the Cruiserweight Classic aired on the WWE Network. Many would say that it changed the trajectory of the business because it allowed wrestlers that would have never gotten a look 5 years ago to be able to show that they have something to offer in WWE.

Last year, 205 Live launched on the WWE Network and although the show got off to a rocky start, it seems to have generated a buzz in recent months because Triple H has taken over and he has decided to focus more on in-ring action over cheesy storylines. Enzo Amore's role on the show was to get more fans to tune in but some fans argued that his presence on the show diminished what others around him were doing on the show.

Buddy Murphy is a name that people are starting to talk about and he has quickly turned into one of the most exciting wrestlers to watch every week. In a recent Twitter post, Murphy took a shot at Amore and Neville while acknowledging the CWC 2 year anniversary.

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He said, "2 years ago, I wasn’t even looked at to be apart of the #CWC - 2 years later I own the division! I ain’t no “King” don’t jump on my “Train” Just stay out of my way... I’m the #Juggernaut B****"

For anyone wondering, this is not leading to anything. There is nothing new on a potential return for Amore in WWE and Neville seems happy living in London and there is nothing indicating that he wants to return.