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WWE star teases something is happening with Retribution at Payback pay-per-view



It looks like Retribution has plans to crash Sunday's WWE Payback pay-per-view.

Dominik Dijakovic, who is widely believed to be one of the main members of the group, just sent out (and then deleted) another cryptic tweet.

The tweet contained the following numbers: 192114040125.

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If you translate it by using a cipher, the numbers translate to "Sunday," which happens to be when WWE Payback is scheduled on the WWE Network and pay-per-view.

Dijakovic being part of the group seems to be confirmed now since he's been posting so many cryptic tweets and he was one of the names from NXT that was supposed to be moved up to the main roster. He was also part of the group this week on Monday Night Raw.

For those of you interested in who else was part of the Retribution group on Monday, click here for the spoiler news.