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WWE star was advertised and then pulled from WrestleMania



Bobby Lashley returned to in-ring action last night against Omos but one thing that fans picked up on was that there was no sign of MVP.

Lashley was clearly a babyface in his brief feud with Omos but no explanation was given on why MVP was not with him last night. MVP was also not with him last Monday night on Raw.

It seems as if the plan was for MVP to be at WrestleMania with Lashley because, as seen below, he was included in the graphic last week. Something changed during the week and MVP was pulled from the show for some reason. It's worth noting that MVP was in Dallas for WrestleMania weekend. He was at the Hall Of Fame ceremony and backstage.

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At this point, there hasn't been anything said about his absence. Now with Lashley as a face, a heel manager may not be in the plans for him. Perhaps, WWE will elaborate more on MVP's status tonight on Monday Night Raw.