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WWE star was released after complaning about the company medical procedures



As noted earlier, Rachael Ellering was one of the names that were released last month but her name did not get out until this week when she announced that she is now a free agent.

Ellering wrestled in NXT as Rachael Evers, the last name was based on Lance Storm's real last name. Storm trained her at his school in Canada that he shut down a few months ago.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that she spoke out a few months ago about having issues with the medical team and procedures while she was rehabbing after knee reconstructive surgery.

Meltzer reported that her complaints were not received well and then a few weeks ago she was given a few options, both of which meant basically that she was getting released. She chose one of the options and then was released. There was a time when she was interested in leaving but that was before the pandemic. Her release was WWE's decision.

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This falls in line with what I wrote earlier about a large number of wrestlers who were released just happened to be people who had complained about not wanting to work during the pandemic, or their spot on their card or, in this case, the company medical procedures.

This is not isolated to just Ellering. Nikki Bella spoke about WWE's medical procedures in her new book, "Incomparable."

Nikki wrote about her neck issues that started in 2015. She said, "I asked for an MRI, but they told me that it wouldn’t show anything. They had no answer when I explained that my legs were going numb and giving out on me in matches, that I could only lie down in bed for a few hours at a time. Finally I had an MRI. I was in Austin, Texas, and I was backstage. A doctor came up to me to say: ‘Just so you know, we’re not going to find anything.’ I would have given anything for that to be true."

Nikki said that she was finally able to get an MRI done when she sent the following text to someone at the WWE offices: "Is it because I’m a woman that I don’t get the same treatment as the male Superstars?"

Nikki says she says that she was on the "cusp of being paralyzed" and added, "I was really frustrated because I felt like if I were a male Superstar, I’d be getting radically different treatment instead of being instructed to just sit at home and pray."

As far as Ellering being able to get work outside of WWE, it would not surprise me if several independent companies reach out to her when fans are allowed back for shows and I can definitely see All Elite Wrestling being interested.