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WWE star who asked to be released could be back on Raw tomorrow night



There has been talk about Mustafa Ali returning to WWE TV as soon as tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw.

Fightful reports that a pitch was made for him to appear tomorrow night. This news comes after it was reported earlier this year that Ali had asked for his release from the company.

WWE reportedly had no plans to release him and Ali indicated on social media that he has about 2 and a half years left on his deal, which would have meant that he would have had to sit at home for that time and risk having the company add time to his contract if he refused to work. There's no indication that he refused to work and it appears that the company simply had him sit at home since November with no creative plans.

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Ali reportedly had a "heated argument" with Vince McMahon in November around the time when Ali's "New America" storyline was scrapped. After the storyline was scrapped, Vince McMahon reportedly made a pitch for "something Mustafa Ali would never have done" and that led to the heated argument. You can click here to see that promo idea that Ali had that never made it to TV.

Since that time, there was talk that he could enter the men's Royal Rumble match but that idea was scrapped and Ali publicly stated that instead of being inserted into the Rumble match, he'd like to get his release.

While it has not been announced by the company, Ali could be back as soon as tomorrow night on Raw. Ali is not the only WWE star returning to TV. Click here for news on another name who is expected back tomorrow.