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WWE stars not happy about Vince McMahon's decision to break up The Hurt Business



It is clear that there is unhappiness in WWE and amongst the fans about Vince McMahon's decision to break up The Hurt Business.

Earlier this week, Batista expressed dissatisfaction with the decision and others in WWE have privately echoed his sentiments. As previously noted, Bobby Lashley and MVP spoke with Vince McMahon about the decision to break up the group. Clearly, they thought that there was more life left in the stable but McMahon did not feel the same way.

Publicly, a few have spoken out as well. Cedric Alexander simply tweeted, "It’s 2019 all over again......."

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Shelton Benjamin tweeted, "The events of this past week have been beyond infuriating frustrating & disappointing but sadly comes as no surprise."

After the break-up of The Hurt Business, Baron Corbin helped MVP take out Drew McIntyre at the end of Raw on Monday night. MVP later said that Corbin is NOT in The Hurt Business.