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WWE still considers Roman Reigns “THE” guy, not Dean Ambrose; Reigns update

One person in WWE who would be in the know when it comes to key talent gave a far longer time table for Roman Reigns return but that could have been a communications mistake. It has not been clarified yet though. Yesterday we noted that Reigns is being advertised for shows in late December and is facing Kane on those shows.

The worst case scenario would be that Reigns still returns with plenty of time before WrestleMania but not the Royal Rumble. It was made clear that Reigns, not Dean Ambrose, is THE guy. Reigns went in for surgery on September 20th and at the time they said it would be from one to three months recovery so based on that timetable the worst case scenario would be a December return.

Reigns would be smart to fully heal and not attempt to come back early because he’d be risking injury. Also there is a timetable before he can start lifting weights again and it would take a few weeks for him to rebuild his strength and his look.

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