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WWE still wants to know if you want to see TNA Impact Wrestling on the WWE Network



WWE has sent out a new survey to a select group of fans on their mailing list asking what they'd like to see on the WWE Network. One of the questions is particularly interesting because of one of the answers available.

They asked which promotions fans would be interested in for the WWE Network. As noted earlier this week, UK-based ICW will be on the network soon. In the recent survey, they included ICW, Next Generation Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, All Star Wrestling UK, Progress Wrestling, PCW, WCPW, IPW UK, RevPro, and FutureShock Wrestling. Those are all UK-based promotions. It's interesting that they also included TNA Impact Wrestling as one of the choices. TNA was listed on a previous survey a few months ago but the company has been bought out by Anthem Sports & Entertainment.

Perhaps the people behind the survey don't know that Anthem has purchased TNA or perhaps, WWE is thinking that they could still work out a deal to get TNA programming on the network. The Fight Network is looking to launch more TNA programming through their app so that may not be something that Anthem would be open to. Check out the survey question and choices below:

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