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WWE Stomping Grounds results: Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin with special referee Lacey Evans


The WWE Universal Championship between Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin closed out the Stomping Grounds pay-per-view in Tacoma, Washington. Corbin announced that Lacey Evans would be the special referee. Obviously, they are playing off the fact that Evans has a grudge because Rollins is dating Becky Lynch. Fans were not on board with this. There were "AEW" and "CM Punk" chants.

Evans would count very slowly whenever Rollins would attempt to pin Corbin. She counted fast whenever Corbin was trying to pin Rollins. They also did a ringside table spot with Rollins power bombing Corbin through the announcer's table. Evans counted while Corbin was out at ringside but she slowed down as she got closer to 10. Evans declared that the match would have a "no count out" stipulation which meant that Rollins had to drag Corbin into the ring.

Later on, Rollins hit a splash off the top but Evans pretended like she hurt her shoulder and that kept her from counting Corbin down for the 3-count. Corbin attacked Rollins with a steel chair and Evans didn't disqualify him. Evans then declared that the match would have a "No DQ" stipulation.

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Evans slapped Rollins twice and then hit the low blow. Corbin hit the "End of Days" but Becky Lynch ran down to attack Evans. Lynch hit the Bexploder Evans on the barricade at ringside as the referees ran down. Referee John Cone took over the match. Rollins hit the superkick and the stomp to get the pin and the win. Rollins retained.

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