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WWE SummerSlam: Bayley vs. Asuka – SmackDown Women’s Championship

This year’s WWE SummerSlam kicked off with the SmackDown Women’s Championship between Bayley and Asuka. This would be Asuka’s first match because she will face Sasha Banks later for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Notes written in real-time during the match:

Asuka started out by hitting Bayley with shots to the shoulder and then a dropkick, followed by kicks to the body. Asuka remained on offense as they fought at ringside and Asuka hit a diving DDT from the steps but Bayley was finally able to turn things around.

Bayley hit a Bayley to belly suplex about 10 minutes into the match but Asuka was able to kick out of the pin attempt. Asuka turned things around with a running hip attack, knee to the face, suplex and another hip attack but Bayley kicked out of the pin attempt. Bayley took over on offense when she drove Asuka’s knees into the ring apron. Bayley then hit a chop block and then she applied a submission leg lock but Asuka broke out of it. Bayley charged at Asuka but Asuka caught her with a codebreaker (double knees) before trying for a pin. Asuka went for a dropkick but Bayley moved and locked in a kneebar submission but Asuka made it to the bottom rope. Bayley did a sunset flip to drive the back of Asuka’s head into the turnbuckle. Bayley went for the diving elbow but Asuka caught her and turned into the armbar but the move was broken because of the distraction from Sasha Banks. Bayley almost rolled up Asuka because of the distraction from Banks. Asuka charged at Bayley but Bayley moved and Asuka crashed into Banks. This allowed Bayley to roll up Asuka to win the match. Banks and Bayley attacked Asuka after the match.

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