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WWE SummerSlam results: Edge vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins and Edge faced off at WWE SummerSlam. This feud is being hyped as 7 years in the making stemming from when Rollins almost curb-stomped Edge on an episode of Raw several years ago.

Edge came out to his old Brood music at first before transitioning into his regular theme song. Early in the match, Rollins worked over Edge’s neck by ramming it into the ring post and into the ring steps. The story they were telling is that Rollins just needed to hit the curb stomp to win the match.

Rollins continued to work on Edge’s neck through the match. Late in the match, Rollins tried a move off the top with Edge but Edge turned it into a neck breaker off the top rope. Moments later, Edge tried another move off the top but Rollins ran up and hit a superplex off the top rope and a falcon arrow.

Rollins tried to hit the stomp but Edge countered into the Glam slam into a near fall. Rollins took over on offense with more moves on Edge’s neck. Edge turned things around by spearing Rollins through the ropes to the outside of the ring. Edge rammed Rollins into the ring LED board and then he went for a spear but Rollins countered into the Pedigree into a near fall. Rollins tried a corkscrew moonsault but Edge moved and hit a spear for a very close near fall.

Rollins came back with shots to the back of Edge’s neck. Rollins went for the curb stomp but Edge caught him and then locked in the Edgucator submission. Rollins broke free with a roll up but then Edge locked in the crossface submission, Rollins briefly broke free but Edge rammed Rollins’ head repeatedly into the mat before locking in a sleeper and Rollins tapped out.

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