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WWE SummerSlam results: Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

The WWE Championship was on the line at SummerSlam as Kofi Kingston put his title up against Randy Orton, the man who Kingston says held him down over a decade ago when he was getting some momentum to get to the next level.

The crowd reaction was interesting as there was a “Kofi’s stupid” and “Randy sucks” chant early in the match. This was a slow-paced match but things picked up after about 10 minutes.

Late in the match, Kingston went for a cross body block off the top but Orton caught him with the RKO. Kingston rolled out of the ring to avoid the pin attempt. Orton stared down Kingston’s son and then the bell rang, apparently because they were counted out. Fans chanted “bullshit” at the lame finish. Kingston went nuts on Orton with punches and kendo stick shots because he was enraged at Orton for taunting his family.

The kendo stick beatings continued in the ring and Kingston ended things by hitting Orton with Trouble in Paradise. Fans did not like this at all.

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