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WWE SummerSlam results: Referee stops match due to injury, Gage Goldberg attacked by Bobby Lashley

Goldberg challenged Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.

Goldberg’s body looked closer to what he looked like when he was in WCW or at least how he looked when he went to WWE in 2003 but it looked like he was grimacing a bit when he entered the ring so he may have been hurting before this match.

They started out by locking up and Goldberg hit the first offense move with a flying body tackle and body slam. Goldberg slammed Lashley again and then he hit an awkward clothesline in the corner. Goldberg followed up with another clothesline as the fans booed him.

The fans cheered when Lashley hit back with his offense. Lashley tried the jackhammer but Goldberg stopped him. Goldberg tried something but he botched it and Lashley hit a flat liner. Lashley went to the top but Goldberg picked him up and launched him. Goldberg went for a spear but MVP pulled Lashley out of the ring but Goldberg hit Lashley with a spear at ringside. Back in the ring, Goldberg went for another spear but Lashley slid out of the ring and MVP hit Goldberg in the back of the knee. That allowed Lashley to hit a chop block, a chokeslam and the full nelson but Goldberg broke free. Lashley hit another chop block and Goldberg rolled out of the ring. Lashley then picked up and rammed Goldberg into the ring post two consecutive times.

Back in the ring, Goldberg struggled to stand up and so the referee called off the match.

Lashley attacked Goldberg’s leg with a steel chair so it looks like they will do this match again, perhaps in October at Crown Jewel. Gage Goldberg ran in to help his dad by Lashley put him in the full nelson. MVP grabbed the mic and said Lashley had no way of knowing that it was Gage Goldberg who jumped on him.

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