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WWE SummerSlam: Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship

WWE SummerSlam kicked off with the Intercontinental Championship match featuring Dolph Ziggler defending against Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose was at ringside in Rollins corner and Drew McIntyre was in the corner of Ziggler. In the first few minutes of the match, there was a confrontation between McIntyre and Ambrose at ringside but they backed off each other. Obviously, the story they were telling is that Rollins has a fair shot at winning now that he has Ambrose to back him up.

Several minutes later, Rollins was knocked out of the ring and it looked like McIntyre was going to attack but Ambrose got in his face and gave him a final warning to back off.

Ziggler dominated for the first part of the match but Rollins got some momentum with a dive to the outside of the ring and a ripcord knee to the face that led to a near fall. A few minutes later, Rollins hit Ziggler with a kick to the jaw. He followed up with the splash off the top but Ziggler got his knees up and he almost pinned Rollins. The crowd really started to get into the match around this point.

Rollins hit a crazy looking inverted super suplex off the top rope and another one after they crashed in the ring. Ziggler barely kicked out as the fans stood up to clap for both men. Rollins was setting up for the curb stomp but McIntyre attacked Ambrose at ringside. Ziggler hit the famouser and almost pinned Rollins. Rollins was bleeding pretty badly from his forehead. Rollins was able to fight back and hit the Buckle Bomb while Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on McIntyre. Rollins hit a super kick and curb stomp. He got the win. New Champion crowned.

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