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WWE SummerSlam: Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio



Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio faced off in a Street Fight at this year's WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view. Earlier in the show, Rey Mysterio promised Dominik that he would not get involved in the match.

Notes written in real-time during the match:

Seth toyed around with Dominik in the first couple of minutes until Dominik was able to hit some punches and some arm drags. Dominik seemed to be having an issue with the hoodie attacked to his ring gear. After a brief flurry, Seth took over on offense again. Every time Dominik would get a small flurry of offense, Seth would cut him off. They showed Dominik's mom watching backstage with a concerned look on her face.

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Seth brought a chair into the ring and Rey was about to help his son but Dominik told him to stay out of the ring. Seth went for a stomp but Dominik move and drove Seth's head into the chair in the ring. Seth was about to hit a buckle bomb but Dominik turned into a hurricanrana. Dominik also hit a DDT and almost pinned Seth. Dominik grabbed the kendo stick to use several times over the back and stomach of Seth. Dominik went up for a move off the top but Seth cut him off. Seth attempted a suplex off the top but Dominik blocked it and shoved Seth off the top but Seth ran up and caught him in a super plex and then a Falcon Arrow but Dominik kicked out of the pin attempt. Seth grabbed kendo sticks from Murphy to use on Dominik's back and ribs as Rey looked on at ringside. Seth yelled at Rey to save his son. Rey was about to get in to help but Dominik yelled at him to stay out of the ring.

Seth hit Dominik several times with the stick and then he tried to slam Dominik through a table that was set up in the ring but Dominik fought back and he and Seth both crashed through the table. Dominik hit a Frog Splash but Seth kicked out. Tom Phillips noted that the splash was a tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Dominik ran in as he saw Seth going for a chair but Seth caught him with a super kick and powerbomb. Seth then ripped off the top of Dominik's gear so he could beat him again with the kendo stick. Dominik told his dad again to stay out of the ring as he took several more body shots from the stick. Dominik's mom Angie walked out to the stage area as Rey pleaded with her to go backstage. Dominik surprised Seth with a roll up but Murphy interfered with a knee to the face. Rollins then was about to stomp Dominik on the steps but Rey ran down to save his son but Seth and Murphy were able to take out Rey at ringside. Seth and Murphy handcuffed Rey to the rope and then Seth and Murphy were about to hit Rey with the stick but Seth turned away and started walking to Dominik's mom but Dominik ran and attacked Seth and then brought him into the ring. Dominik hit the 619 and Frog Splash but Seth got the knees up. Seth hit the curb stomped as handcuffed Rey looked on in horror. Seth pinned Dominik to win the match.

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