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WWE Super Show-Down: The Undertaker vs. Triple H sets up Shawn Micahels return to the ring

The Undertaker vs. Triple H capped off a big night for WWE in Melbourne, Australia at Super Show-Down. Michael Cole said that this match would be for the “last time ever.” Of course, he’s talking about the last time in a singles match. Kane was in Taker’s corner and Shawn Michaels was in the corner of his best-friend Triple H.

Before things got started, JoJo announced that this would be a No Disqualification match. Cole said Triple H used “corporate to his advantage” by making this a No DQ match.

Here is what happened during the match:

Michaels got involved early when he rammed Taker into the ring post. The action spilled to ringside and then into the crowd where they battled near a broken guardrail and then further into the crowd. They ended up back at ringside and Michaels ran into a right hand from Taker. The distraction allowed Triple H to take over on offense for a brief second but Taker nailed him with a boot to the face.

Later on, Michaels nailed Kane with Sweet Chin Music. Triple H then landed an elbow on Kane through a table at ringside. Triple H tried a move off the top rope but Taker caught him with a chokeslam and followed up with the Tombstone piledriver but Triple H kicked out before the count of three.

Taker punched the referee out frustration and pointed at Michaels at ringside. He asked, “are you watching? are you watching?” Taker then proceeded to hit Triple H with chairshots to the back as Michaels looked on in horror. Taker set the chair up on Triple H’s face and neck as Michaels pleaded for him to stop. Michaels tried to get in the ring but Taker nailed him with a punch to the face. The distraction allowed Triple H to hit the spinebuster. Taker got up and went for a chokeslam but Triple H reversed and hit the Pedigree. Taker kicked out at two.

Triple H came off the second rope with a knee on to a chair that was set up on Taker’s face. He went for a pin but Kane pulled the referee out of the ring. Michales gave a sledgehammer to Triple H while Kane gave a chair to Taker. Triple H nailed the chair with the sledgehammer into the chair that went into Taker’s head but there was no referee to make a count. Taker locked in the Hell’s Gate submission but again, no referee to call the match. Triple H used the sledghammer on Taker’s neck to break out of the move.

Taker went after the hammer but Michaels cut him off. Kane went in the ring but took a low blow from Michaels. Taker tossed Michaels out of the ring. Taker decided to toss the weapon and instead chose to wrestle clean. Taker went for the Tombstone but was hit by HBK’s Sweet Chin Music. Michaels hit another Sweet Chin Music and Triple H the Pedigree. Triple H pinned Taker.

They all hugged and posed at the end of the match but Taker and Kane swerved them. Taker tombstoned Triple H. Taker then chokeslammed Michaels through the announce table at ringside. This is the set up for Michaels/Triple H vs. Kane/Triple H at Crown Jewel on 11/2.

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